Pagan Woods


Pagan Woods

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Print Name: Pagan Woods
Release Date: April 2017
Current Status: Sold Out, no restock planned yet
Available as:: Dress, Skirt, Tightc, Necklace


Go with fire, go and burn me. I don't care. I am the witch.

I'll be forever the creaking leaf that wakes you up at night, the wind that blows wildly, the ululate of the owl, the wolf that stares in distance.

You, humans, think nature can be controlled, reduced, transformed. Nature will control you until the final chapter. Your human death. Then I'll still be there, in the crooked tree with a craved face, in the pile of stones with millenary powers, in the river that crosses the path.

Burn Me, I don’t care. I am the Witch.

Magda Gomez