Le Curioseur Β· Necklace

Le Curioseur Β· Necklace


Le Curioseur ~ Necklace Collection by Violet Fane

"...Hundreds of secrets were kept in the old palace: Never dare to look at them...!"

β™š P R O D U C T I N F Oβ™š

πŸŒ™. Necklace perfect for your haunted and spooky outfits or classic lolita witch an eerie touch!

πŸŒ™. Original print design, Violet Fane Exclusive. 

πŸŒ™ Printed Walnut Wood and clear acrylic printed in bright colors. 

πŸŒ™ Gold chain, adjustable to different lenghts

πŸŒ™ Size of the motif:75mm high x 75mm wide (keyhole) + 6cm key. Keys are vintage so it can be slightly different.

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