Frequently Asked Questions


What is the brand concept?

Violet Fane is mostly lolita fashion brand. We try to offer a romantic point of view of History and Fantasy. We mostly like creepy, haunted and victorian inspirations. We want to create gowns for ghostly ladies, victorian fairies and eccentric wizards.


Do you offer custom sizes?

We usually don't do custom sizes, because we try that our products have versatile sizes using back shirring and other methods. But depending the print series it's posible to demand a custom size, just check in our "preorder" information, if it's specified that this option is posible. 



Do you accept custom designs?

We actually don't offer custom dresses with other designs. If you have in mind a dress project that you think can suit up our concept and usual inspirations, feel free to write us, we maybe can help your dream dress come true. 

Are your products genuine?

Yes, our products are genuine and 100% designed by us. Also, all of our graphic art, prints and ilustration are designed by Violet Fane. So is totally forbbiden the copy or partial copy of any design.


Do you offer wholesale

 Yes, you can contact us at for wholesale catalogs. 

How is your production?

Our garments are 100% produced in Barcelona, SPAIN. from idea, to fabric printing, sewing, logistics, etc. in fair trade.